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Best Practices for setting passwords

Technology is making it so easy for spammers, hackers, bots, and other thieves to get what you have.

There are many things a site owner should pay attention to in order to secure their site and everything connected to their accounts.

Here is a list of best practices to secure your private information. These are the things we would highly recommend that you take it into serious consideration:


Secure and complex password.

  1. Perhaps those using passwords that are found in dictionaries aught to read this carefully. You should never ever use a password that is found in a dictionary in any language.
  2. Password length should be at least 13 characters long and comprised of a mixture of characters, digits, and symbols.
  3. Never use the same password in other accounts. Add a variation to the one you have in order to make it unique.


Do not connect to your email or Control Panel through public Wi-Fi.

  1. They are insecure and prone to man in the middle attacks.
  2. They could be sending you to their own temporary site to collect your passwords.


Do not share your account details with anyone.

  1. We will not ask you to reset or ask for your passwords unless you have called us. And even that, we will not ask for your password.
  2. Do not give anyone your account passwords unless you have employed someone who is working on your site. That it is now your responsibility to reset your password once they have finished working on your site.
  3. Only share your details with experts.


Reset your passwords

  1. Reset your passwords from time to time.
  2. Be vigilant and keep your passwords safe.
  3. Reset your password once someone you employed has finished working on your site.