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I am unable to login to my cPanel and I receive the error “Invalid Login”

There are 2 ways to login to your cPanel. One is directly through the cPanel login screen and the other through the OzySites Portal (Client Area).

Login through cPanel Login Screen

In order to login to your cPanel you will need to go to the login page of your cPanel.



cPanel Login Screen


Login with your cPanel username and password.

If you don’t see the login page to your cPanel, it could be because your IP address has been locked out due to too many login attempts. Our system will lockout IPs that attempt many times to login to cPanel/IMAP/SMTP etc.

It is possible you have entered the wrong username and password combination multiple times. We’ve also done this in many occasions.

What can you do to regain cPanel access?

  1. Wait 30 minutes and try logging in again using the correct username/password.
  2. Login to your Account Billing System, which has a means to unlock and change your cPanel password.
  3. Or submit a ticket so that we can help unlock your account for you.

Passwords are case-sensitive, unlike the username portion. Make sure you enter your password with correct case. There should be no spaces before or after a password.


Login Through Client Portal (Client Area)


Clietn Area Login Screen


Once you’ve logged in, you will see the following, and then you can basically log in directly into your cPanel with the indicated Red Arrow to administer your passwords and account administration. But do be careful.



Logout once you have finished!

Once you have finished with your cPanel or Client Area, you should then proceed to log out of the system. Simply closing the active tab does not necessarily log you out of our system. There is a good chance that someone can get access to your device, which means they can also gain access to your active connected sessions. So, always click the logout button to tell the server you have finished.