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What is dedicated IP Address used for?

Who needs a dedicated IP?

Generally, most websites on a hosting server would share a common IP address. You can have one IP address used by thousands of websites. For example, in the case of very large hosting companies, they would have more than 100,000 websites having the same IP.

With our shared web hosting, most accounts on a server typically would share the same IP address. This does not mean they will have the same share of the server – this is another topic on its own. But, all it means is that the IP is an address telling where your website is located.


Dedicated IP

With a dedicated IP address, your account would have its own allocated IP address. So, what this means is that your website(s) would use this allocated IP instead of the server shared IP address.

Similarly, with a reseller account who have requested a dedicated IP, all websites associated with that reseller account will use that IP.

Dedicated IP Shortage

There is a global shortage of IPv4 IP addresses.

All requests for dedicated IP addresses will require a strong justification.

Dedicated IP addresses are an optional add-on.

You will need to contact us if you need a dedicated IP and can’t host without one.